International Diversity


​​The BZ Pflege is Switzerland’s largest centre for higher education in nursing and training as well as continuing education and​ training in nursing. Every year, our staff of more than 250 dedicated professionals trains around 400 students to become registered nurses. 

Putting the human factor first

Ever since the BZ Pflege was established, our international strategy has been committed to fostering socio-cultural diversity. In doing so, we place the human factor and the notion of service at the heart of everything we do. This approach reflects the BZ Pflege's mission statement and its core values:

«Leading nursing care into the future.» Innovative – practical – recognised

We offer 

A strong international network of partners
Our many partner institutions – located mainly in Europe – form the basis of our international educational schemes and activities.

Manifold opportunities for students 
A variety of exchange opportunities are made available to international guest students and BZ Pflege students

Valuable work experience for members of staff
Working abroad is also a valuable experience for teaching staff and other collaborators both at international educational establishments and at the BZ Pflege. 

The BZ Pflege organises international and national events​, and encourages peer learning.


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