​​​​​​Here are some of the testimonials given by students and partners over the years.

Student exchange

Short-Term International IN

Marla Tölche and Helle Tvaaholt, Norway

«Hi! We are two Norwegian student nurses who spent two weeks in Switzerland. We have learnt a lot about this culture and how to work as a nurse, here. They work 1.5 hours more than we do in Norway, and they manage to speak in at least three languages: German, French and English. To our experienced people are very friendly here, and you feel safe in this country. There are also very good train and bus possibilities. But our international student card did not help us when travelling. The nature is fantastic with big mountains, and you can take a train up to the mountains. We really recommend this country!»​​

Alba Aguilar Entrena from Tarragona

«Dear colleagues, I am Alba from Spain and was here in Biel for the ENM exchange from October 6 to October 17. I want to tell you that this was a really good experience that gives you the possibility to learn another way to do things, in another way than in your country for example. I had a lot of various really good things, like culture, friends, nursing, spare-time, education and more. I made a lot of friends, learnt a lot and enjoyed it so much! It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I encourage you to do it!»

​Short-Term International OUT

Nina Leonard, student at the BZ Pflege, on her work experience in Denmark

"Those 2 weeks in Denmark have left me with many impressions: new, unfamiliar fields in nursing, a different rhythm in hospital routine, and another style of nurse/patient interaction. My encounters with Danish nurses and nursing students felt very valuable. If the opportunity presented itself, I would not hesitate one second to go spend 2 weeks in another country to get acquainted with its care system. Such experiences make it possible to critically assess Switzerland's nursing practices and to become more open to other values and viewpoints."

Partner Network

Feedback from Italy
Ms Micheli, in charge of the nursing degree course, and Ms Favari, Tutor Professionale, both working at Claudiana Landesfachhochschule für Gesundheitsberufe in Italy, about our Bernese partner institutions Lindenhofgruppe Sonnenhof and University Psychiatric Services:
"I was very pleased to discuss their ERASMUS experience with students returning from Bern. I would like to extend my warmest thanks for your outstanding supervision and support of our students. They reported having felt very welcome and cared for, and being grateful for both the clinical experience gathered in Bern and the support received ahead of their practice placement. They came back filled with enthusiasm, enriched, and more mature, both at a human and a professional level. Thanks to the didactic documentation you provided, they were able to continuously improve their work experience. A very big thank you to you and to your colleagues for your goodwill and your professionalism. Next spring, another highly motivated student will be taking up his or her practice placement under your care."

Feedback from Germany

In spring 2013, Ms Ruwe, principal and nursing care educator, wrote to the BZ Pflege Department of International Affairs and Socio-Cultural Competence:

"In May 2013, two of your students joined the University Medical Centre Göttingen for a short-term placement. They were supervised by Ms Beate Mayr and myself. We were both impressed by the qualified feedback they provided as to the differences they perceived in our respective approaches to nursing care. Their substantiated criticism (addressing a variety of issues such as hygiene, attitudes towards patients, work organisation, shortages of time etc.) was presented in a constructive and respectful manner, substantiated using concrete examples, and set in relation to nursing practices, nursing attitudes and framework conditions in Switzerland. Given your students' open mind, matter-of-fact reasoning and respectful attitude, we both asked them to share their insights and experiences with our own students. This interaction generated much mutual interest, triggered a rich and rewarding dialogue, and provided our students with a welcome outside perspective. Your students greatly contributed to life at our school, many thanks."​


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