Our Network of Partners


​​​​In order to design and implement our international educational schemes and activities, the BZ Pflege maintains a widespread network of recognised partner institutions. In selecting our partners, we emphasise existing international experience and seek references from fellow cooperation partners. 

On site, in person

Before agreeing on a cooperation, we visit our potential new partner on site. We personally get acquainted with the institution, its teaching, professional and administrative staff, and local conditions. When making our choice, we consider all geographical regions 

  • that are safe – i.e. no current or potential zones of conflict

  • for which all required documents may be obtained without difficulty (internship visa, work permit etc.)

  • that provide a fast Internet connection for e-learning and online mentoring

  • that offer adequate accommodation and transport

Secured by contract

Our cooperations are governed by detailed contracts and agreements. Such agree​ments are currently in place with most EU countries and selected countries outside the EU. The settings of our international partner institutions range from rural areas to major cities.

International memberships

The BZ Pflege is a member of the European Nursing Module Network (ENM) and a recognised member of the ERASMUS scheme. We cultivate extensive, bilateral partnerships.

Network of partners in Switzerland

We maintain cooperations in all of Switzerland, focussing on the canton of Bern.​


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